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Picnic Set X
Table = 800(L) x 750(H)
2 x Bench = 425(L) x 475(H)

Medium 900(W)
Large 1800(W)


Our particular favourite, the colour of beach sand.

Silver Gum

Reminiscent of the silver colour of gum trees


The red and purple colours of Jarrah

Black Bean

A dark grey colour, great for simple stylish back and white areas

Spotted Gum

Who does not love natural timber.

Our Materials

We present a selection of 5 diverse versions of our picnic sets, skillfully crafted from two distinct materials: Modwood and Spotted Gum hardwood.

Spotted Gum hardwood, sourced from Australia, stands out as a premier choice for outdoor applications owing to its robustness. Our Spotted Gum-based picnic sets receive a finishing touch with Sadoline oil, resulting in an elegant, natural dark brown appearance.

For our primary product line, we predominantly utilize Modwood, available in 4 different color variations. While timber holds its merits, we are thoroughly impressed by the capabilities of Modwood, a composite blend of plastic and recycled wood. In contrast to traditional timber, Modwood demands less ongoing upkeep, such as staining, oiling, and painting, all while delivering enduring durability and outstanding performance.

Shipping and Flat Pack

In order to reduce shipping expenses, we send out our picnic sets in a flat-pack format. Assembly necessitates 8 bolts per bench and 12 bolts for the table. However, to simplify matters, we perform a preliminary assembly of the set at our factory, only disassembling the legs for shipping.

Should you prefer to either collect the item locally or receive it in its fully assembled state, kindly notify us, and we can make the necessary arrangements. Customers residing in Sydney will receive their sets already fully assembled.

Please be aware that each item is assembled following your purchase, with a production timeframe of approximately 2-4 weeks. Delivery time is separate and contingent on your location is a Web Store for Little Round Table.
For custom designs contact us at Little Round Table.